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From product planning and development related to "food"recipe creation, food coordination,

Shooting styling when creating a recipe book, casting,We support a wide range of directions, etc.

​■ Real product introduction​■


■ Convenience store

Side dish, fast food, frozen food

■ Supermarket

Side dish

■ Food manufacturers

side dish, confectionery

■ Restaurant chains

Menu for women

■ Side dish chain store

■ Bakery chain store

■ Cookware manufacturer

■Raw honey specialty store product development (ranked 1st in Rakuten sales)

Corporate food product planning and development

product package

convenience store


Confectionery maker, dairy maker

product catalog

(New Year holidays, mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, Christmas, Mother's Day, Children's Day, etc.)

department store

convenience store


Inside and outside Colton

juice stand


Magazine tie-up advertisement

beverage manufacturer

seasoning manufacturer

candy maker

Fisheries company, etc.

food styling

Home delivery ingredients catalog

Weekly catalog for Tokyo and 7 prefectures

“NAO’s fun meal” crown page

Over 1,000 recipes in 8 years

Magazine tie-up advertisement 

beverage manufacturer

seasoning manufacturer

candy maker

Fisheries company, etc.

Recipe making

restaurant chain

menu proposal

configuration advice

Product planning for tableware, etc.


Menu configuration advice


Delivery menu configuration advice

EC advice

vessel maker

Product planning for special plates

table coordination

■ Parent-child cooking class

(Terakoya cooking, French confectionery class)

2008 to present

Toho College of Music Extension Center

Raw honey cooking class


■ Cooking course

"Technique Show"


■ Terakoya cooking class

Traditional Cuisine and Tea Ceremony Instructor

Orphan Support Volunteer

Cooking instructor for athletes

charity running event

Virtual Running ~Thanks to medical workers~

carbo party

(online zoom delivery)

■ Over-the-counter recipe book production

Japanese ingredients recipe booklet for French people

(Installed in supermarkets in France)

direction, casting

recipe creation/cooking/shooting styling

"idee de recettes avec des ingredients japonais"Pasona agri-partners Inc.

(Published by Pasona Noentai)

Auteure de recettes: Naoko Kanno

Located in a French grocery store

Introducing Japanese ingredients for French people4 promotional recipe books

production direction

cooking instructor

restaurant consultant


■ TV: NHK daytime program

"Itto 6 Ken" simple rice appearance

5 minutes program x 4

(2 of them are ranked 2nd in the monthly ranking, rebroadcast 2 times)

■ Radio: FM salus

Radio guest appearance

raw honey recipe


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