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Atelier Cuisine料理のアトリエ Naoko Kanno

I want to connect the splendor
of traditional Japanese recipes and
foods with culture

More than 1000 recipe adoption records
We propose delicious, safe and secure food with added value , considering manufacturing, distribution, and sales .

The splendor of Japanese traditional recipes and food,I want to connect with culture


​We offer a wide range of support from product planning and development related to “food” to recipe creation, food coordination, shooting styling when creating recipe books , casting, and direction .
We also undertake product planning and development of sushi, side dishes, and sweets for domestic and overseas markets.

New product development
・Existing product advisory

Escort type consultant
Supervision of new products,
new businesses, and existing products

Market research
Target setting
・SWOT analysis
・Persona setting

Menu structure
Original creation
Home delivery EC business construction

Product development

Planning and development of
new products and renewal products
・Side dish/Cooking
・Fast food

Menu development
Market research
Planning and development of sushi

Recipe create

Recipe production
・Home delivery catalog
・Steel for posters, catalogs,
magazines, books, etc.
Cooking for movie shooting, recipe creation

Cooking teacher


New product package
Store Colton
Table coordination


Arrangements for shooting recipe books and websites
・Column writing

Instructor of food event
Arrangement instruction
Food education guidance
Online cooking
Media appearance

Customer reviews

Customer's voice

Product planning and development

Customers are highly satisfied with the concept, appearance, and operation. After the tasting, the customer's reaction was good, such as "It was delicious" and "It looks beautiful". The success rate of proposals is high, so it is very helpful.


Trading company

Styling/product planning and development

We have a lot of experience in packaging, which is the cornerstone of our products, so we asked for your help. In fact, Colton's styling of the juice stand was wonderful, so I asked him to plan and develop tea fast food products.
As a result, the operation was also taken into consideration, and the sales at the store were acceptable.


Retail head office

Online cooking tutor

She taught me how to cook a dish that can be arranged in various ways. It has a wide range of uses, so it can be used immediately in daily cooking.
I was surprised at how healthy and easy it was to make and how delicious it was.


Bowel activity seminar students

Food consultant

I had a track record of making recipes for people in their 30s for many years, so I asked them to develop products for families and women, who are the same target demographic. Opinions and product proposals from a completely different point of view are valuable compared to the conventional customer base, and I think it was a good idea to invite them from outside the company.

Fast food headquarters

Food consultant

We were able to open the EC site because of the comprehensive work of the food photographer, food styling, and EC creation. I am very grateful that I can use it for Instagram and secondary use because it is fashionable styling and the photos are wonderful. There are many things that I don't realize when I'm inside the company, so I regularly ask for advice.

Manufacturers and restaurants

Cooking instructor

Since I was in kindergarten, I have been attending parent-child cooking classes, and thanks to that, I am very good at making sweets now that I am in elementary school. The teacher is good at teaching from the child's point of view, and the child looks forward to going to the classroom every time.

Parent-child cooking class students

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