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I want to connect the splendor of traditional Japanese recipes and foods with culture

In Japan, there are very attractive ingredients and makers who make them. To today's children and abroad I want to connect food culture with Japanese tradition.With that in mind, we are developing products. 
"I want to convey the excitement of new things I have experienced overseas to foreigners." We also use Japanese ingredients to create recipes tailored to the local climate and cuisine. In addition, Atelier Recipe staff will be available to meet your needs.

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Naoko Kanno


■FCAJ certified food coordinator

■ Side dish manager

■ Raw honey food researcher

Naoko Kanno


After working in a menu advertising production company for restaurants and a general trading company's food department, he went to a food trading company established by the general trading company (currently Mitsubishi Foods Co., Ltd.), seeking a job closer to consumers. Engaged in product planning and development of convenience stores, proposal sales, quality control assistants, etc. Traveled to France after gaining experience with buyers and factories in Japan and overseas, store surveys, product planning and development. While staying in a French family, study home cooking and local cuisine unique to the region, and learn traditional classic French cuisine and confectionery at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. After returning to Japan, he worked at a food photography studio and a magazine editing production, and mastered styling techniques that match his target.
After becoming independent, engaged in menu development, food styling for advertisements, catalogs, magazines, and recipe creation. Especially good at corporate product planning and development, consulting, and food styling for package advertisements. Since 2008, ODAIDOKORO Parent-Child Cooking Class has been held at TOHO COLLEGE OF MUSIC EXTENSION CENTER to convey traditional culture. Beginning in 2010, send simple and delicious recipes for 30s housewives every week for 8 years on the main page of major delivery catalogs, "nao's fun meal". (The number of circulation in Japan is 1.9 million per week, for 1 prefecture and 7 prefectures) The total number of recipes posted on various media is over 1000. The volunteers for supporting orphans in the Philippines, started in 2002, are now life work. I enjoy cooking with friends of the same spirit and hold cooking plans at any time. "I would like to convey the simple and safe handmade food and sweets that are sent from the [kitchen] in a Japanese household together with the event meal!" We are working to convey such a message to the next generation and overseas.
Please also refer to the interview articles from companies for reference.




  • FCAJ Certified Food Coordinator

  • Japanese side dish association certified side dish manager

  • Flower arrangement Sogetsu school

  • Food space coordinator

  • Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cooking Intermediare Diploma

  • Tea Ceremony Omotesenke Hakuraku Hakuwakai Lesson

  • French Ministry of Education accredited French qualification DELF B1

  • Homemade Association Bread Master

  • JSIA Sushi Instructor Association

      Decorative Rolled Sushi Skill Level 3

  • Tokyo Sushi Academy One-year training course

      for Edomae sushi chefs (currently enrolled)

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