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Planning and development of new products and renewal products,

Market research

Fast food chain
・For major fast food chains
Women's and family's bowl menu at suburban stores
・Major super capital shopping mall
Food Court Matcha Parfait Menu
Side dish chain store
・Store marketing survey
・Customer trend survey
· Main side dish menu
Convenience store
・Use of special packaging materials
Side dishes for convenience stores
Food manufacturer
・For meat manufacturers in supermarkets
Annual menu of side dishes
・Gluten-free sugar- free dairy products
Achieved 6 crowns including sweets cookie category
Cafe chain
・Seasonal cafe menu using pancakes
Bakery chain store
· Seasonal bread lineup planning
Packaging material manufacturer
・Product development using special packaging materials
5th grade social studies supplementary teaching materials
[Fish story] Recipe development for elementary school students to make salmon and scallops
■ For Taiwan
・Japanese fruits and vegetables (peaches) menu planning and development  
■ Green tea
・Menu planning and development for 3 items
・Video shooting
■Fruits from Nagano Prefecture
・Sweets product planning and development
■French confectionery without additives and sugar
・Product planning and development
・Operation creation
・Store guidance
■ Sugar-free beauty intestine menu
・Planning and development 2 items


Home delivery catalogs, posters, catalogs, magazines, books, etc.

Cooking recipe creation for movie shooting


■Catalogs for home delivery ingredients, weekly catalogs for 1 prefecture and 7 prefectures, 1.9 million copies per week
"Happy rice of nao"
Crown page every week for eight years in charge of 30s housewife for cooking, confectionery, etc.
Weekly recipe production
Food styling ▶︎Link
■Recipes using Japanese ingredients for French people ・umamiparis HP

Poulet braisé au jus de mikan ▶︎Link
・Preciousjp Beauty Recipe 
■Recipe development 20 products using cookware makers and pots
■Recipes for healthy food
・ Made healthy food easier to eat

Sweets Recipes
■ Magazine tie-up advertisement/Magazine advertisement page
Maker product use recipe creation / food maker
(Beverages, confectionery, seasonings, noodles, seafood)


New product package, store Colton,

WEB, CF, TV, magazines, books,

Table coordination

■ New product package
・Food manufacturers
(Milk, noodles, cooked rice, chilled deli, seasonings, snacks )
・Convenience store PB products
(Beverage, fast food , seasoning, miso soup, cooked rice, soup , confectionery)
・Supermarket PB products ( pasta sauce , soup , confectionery, side dishes)
■ Poster

・Rice flour promotional posters from national organizations
For New York and Paris
■ Video ・WEB CM
・YouTube recipe video, cookware CM
・French recipe video

(Recipe creation/ styling )
Sushi en boule et poulet sauce teriyaki au miel

With Temari Sushi
Chicken honey teriyaki bento ▶︎Youtube
・Brochettes de filet bœuf grillé et taboulé d'orge
With beef prochette
Oxugi's couscous lunch box ▶︎Youtube
■ Catalogs and pamphlets
New Year gifts, year-end gifts, Christmas, New Year holidays
Mother's Day, Children's Day, Wedding, etc., Department Store, Convenience Store
・Hotel wedding menu cover styling proposal

■In-train advertisement (steel/video)
・Food manufacturer (seasoning)
■Inside/Outside Colton

・Juice Stand Chain
・Image of supermarket products
■ Grand menu of overseas stores
・Yakitori Japanese Restaurant
■ Homepage
・Food manufacturers (frozen bread, cooked rice)

・Lunch shop
■ Magazine tie- up advertisement

・Food manufacturers
Beverages, sweets, seasonings, noodles, fisheries

★WORKS STYLING 下段  MON_ホタテのバターだし醤油ソテー_
★WORKS フードコンサルタント テーブルコーデ.jpg

Menu structure, original container creation,

Home delivery EC business construction

■ Dining out chain
・Product planning of ware Lacquerware plate for Yakitori MichiPlate Produce▶︎Link
■ Menu proposals and menu configuration advice that suits taverns,
restaurants and beers
・Lunch box advice
■ Baker

・Home delivery menu configuration advice
・EC WEB construction
■ Product proposals and table coordination by container makers and new lacquer makers
■ Gyudon fast food restaurant
・Product consultant for women/family target
■ Major long-established Japanese confectionery maker
・Renewal product planning consultant for souvenir sweets
■Consultants for manufacturers and restaurants
(Korean kimbap shop, western confectionery shop, Japanese confectionery shop, fried chicken shop, soba shop)
Product planning consultant for fast food using fruits from Nagano Prefecture
■ Product configuration consultant for side dish chain stores
■Food court matcha fast food new business and product planning and development Product ABC analysis and product consultant for fried chicken specialty store


Instructor of food event, arrangement instruction, food education instruction

Online cooking


■ Parent-child cooking
(Terakoya cooking, France confectionery classroom)
・From 2008 to present Toho College of Music
Extension center
Terakoya Cooking  ▶︎Link to learn Japanese tradition
■ Raw honey cooking class

・Japanese cooking class without sugar
biglobe news published ▶︎Link
■Cooking arrangement course "Technique show"
■Terakoya Cooking Class

・Traditional food
・Tea ceremony teacher
・Philippines Orphan Support Volunteer ▶︎Link
■ Cooking instructor for athletes
・Charity running event
Virtual Running 2020 ~Thanks to healthcare professionals~
Carb party
(Online zoom distribution)  ▶︎Link
■ Corporate product PR Instagram live
・ Bowel activity start course Bowel activity rice online course
・Food manufacturers Cooking Instagram live planning and implementation


Arrangement and composition of photography for recipe books and WEB creation,

Casting, column writing

■ In-store recipe book production, Japanese food recipe booklet for French people
(Installed in a French supermarket)
Direction, casting, recipe creation/cooking creation/shooting styling
"Idée de recette avec des ingrédients japonais"

Pasona agri-partners Inc. (issued by Pasona Agricultural Support Corps)
Auteure de recettes: Naoko Kanno
Four promotional recipe books for French people introducing Japanese ingredients

Worksyop isse HP Nos suggestions de recettes ▶︎Link
located at five French food retailers
umamiparis HP Poulet braisé au jus de mikan
■Product package shooting Direction, styling, casting
■ EC WEB construction for restaurants

Direction Styling Casting
■TV program Cooking supervision of food sponsors (nabe, gyoza, etc.)
■ Planning and production of gift boxes for low-sugar bread makers
■ EC site planning, production and photography for a low-sugar breadmaker


radio image.jpg

■ TV
NHK daytime program "Itto 6 Ken"
Easy rice appearance 5 minutes program x 4
(Two of them are ranked second in the month and re-broadcast twice)
■ Radio
Guest appearance on FM Salus Radio
Raw honey recipe
Shogakukan beauty recipe

(beauty health recipe) series ▶︎Link

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